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Emails Marked as Spam? Improve Your Email Delivery Rate in 3 Steps!

email marked as spam, email delivery slow

We all get unwanted email - it seems like the more we try to avoid it, the more we receive. Messages from marketers, friends, coworkers, clients and prospects compete for attention in overly crowded email folders. Meanwhile, many emails never make it to the inbox to be read; these emails often become trapped in spam filters. IT support experts are continuously redefining ways to prevent spam from hitting the inbox. The following three tips, when done consistently, are guaranteed to improve your email delivery rates

IT Solutions Failing One in Four Small Businesses Says New Survey

IT solutions philadelphia

Initial results from a new online survey designed to measure IT effectiveness at small businesses shows almost one in four respondents score a “D” or “F” grade for their current IT solutions. According to the IT Effectiveness Index (ITEI) Mid-Year Report, another 37 percent of small businesses are barely maintaining their IT operations, scoring only a “C” grade. The report, based on surveying hundreds of small businesses, further reveals that these companies are falling further behind as economic pressures have forced nearly half of the respondents to reduce, delay or cancel critical IT investments.

3 BYOD Precautions You Should Be Taking

BYOD policies

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer showed us that BYOD isn’t a fading trend. What does the permanence of this trend mean for your business's BYOD policies? Challenges in security, data leak prevention, and bandwidth limitations at the very least. But perhaps it also means an opportunity to be at the forefront of IT security innovation--by implementing solutions that work for, and with, your company goals. It’s vital for your organization to know the threats that mobile devices can bring to your network.

3 Simple Steps to Implementing a Firewall Solution

firewall solution new yorkWith the increasing determination, creativity, and intelligence of hackers, it is more important than ever to make sure that an organization's IT systems are adequately protected from viruses, trojans, and other forms of intrusion. Though there are many ways to help ensure the integrity of a network's security, one very important method of safeguarding sensitive data is through the implementation of a firewall.

A firewall keeps the network, and everything in it, secure by analyzing the data that is passing back and forth. Based on the rules that have been configured, the firewall solution determines whether or not the information should be allowed to proceed. It is imperative that every organization include a firewall in their overall security solution.

Why Tape Backups are No Longer a Viable IT Solution

data backup storage boston new york philadelphia

Disaster recovery is a much debated topic from IT departments to corner offices. After events like Hurricane Sandy brought thousands of networks down, creating the need on a grand scale for better data backup solutions in New York City area, management is finally becoming open to reevaluating the traditional way of doing things. Technologies such as tape backups, having been rendered obsolete in the event of a natural disaster, need to be replaced with more agile and reliable IT solutions. If you're still on board with tape backups, you need to rethink your position on disaster recovery for the sake of your business's continuity.

NYC CFOs Embrace Cloud Computing for its Savings and Security

cloud solutions philadelphia, cloud solutions new york

What started out as a buzzword—"the cloud" was typically unheard of by those outside of IT circles—has proven itself to be a sustainable and integral part of successful business models. When a company would push to implement changes in their IT infrastructure, the cloud's main supporters were previously only IT managers. In recent years however, cloud computing has finally gained the support of CFOs in organizations worldwide.

7 Steps to Choosing an IT Governance Model

IT governance, IT support philadelphia

At some point, your business may need to consider (or reconsider) an IT governance model, whether it be for very common PCI (Purchase Card Industry), or another type of compliance. IT governance refers to a set of IT practices that align with your business strategies to ensure compliance and security.

Microsoft Office 2013 Mid-Year Review

Microsoft Office 2013

Software giant Microsoft regularly launches new IT solutions that assist small and medium businesses to operate more efficiently.  In celebration of efficiency, we've examined what we believe to be the biggest strengths of the Washington-based company's most recent generation of its workplace productivity suite: Office 2013.

A Look Inside VMware's VCP Certification and IT Consulting

vmware virtualization philadelphia new york

Companies that wish to vet and/or implement a virtualization strategy using VMware's products can benefit from using an IT consulting firm in their search, where one or more of the experts on staff possess the high-level certification known as VMware Certified Professional (VCP).  Earning the certification requires candidates to complete VMware-authorized training courses pass several rigorous exams.

Why it's Smart to Consider IT Outsourcing for IT Governance, and More

IT governance, IT compliance, IT outsourcing boston new york philadelphia

The constant demand on IT departments to be able to perform and expand with business objectives is one of the biggest operational challenges facing companies today. Most of the time SMBs don't need a fully staffed IT department that is capable of handling every component of a company's IT needs - business continuity, network maintenance and IT governance just to name a few. Not only is the cost of operating a fully staffed IT department prohibitive, but keeping up to date with current IT governance standards takes up bandwidth and can mean one or two additional full time jobs in itself. This is where IT outsourcing services can help businesses focus on what matters to them - generating income and growing.

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