[VIDEO] 6 Ways Cloud-Based Email Can Optimize and Secure Your Inbox

On any given day, the average employee sends and receives 126 emails. For such an ingrained part of business life, your email deserves to be operating at optimal efficiency. Fortunately, cloud computing can alleviate up to 90% of repetitive daily tasks, while ensuring that your end-users communicate and collaborate safely. How is this possible? 

Find out in this short informational video:


Though email security is a necessary component of a strong cybersecurity posture, it is just one of many factors that contribute to a secure computing environment. iCorps' Managed Security is based on a "Defense in Depth" model, ensuring that your network has different layers for each security category. iCorps' Managed Security provides: 

  1. Web content filtering

  2. Strong two-factor authentication

  3. Intrusion detection and prevention

  4. Firewall with deep packet inspection

Learn more about iCorps' Managed Security, including anti-virus email software, today. 

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