Advantages of Removable Disk Storage in Business

Many small and medium-sized businesses prioritize ease of use and simplicity over other considerations when it comes to the provision of IT services. This is easy to understand since both these considerations naturally tend to create systems that carry with them a lower cost burden, which in turn increases return on investment and helps the bottom line. Many such SMBs do not possess native IT staff of their own and rely on managed programs assistance from highly qualified guest personnel they contract with through an IT consulting firm.

Removable disk storage is one IT solution that can fit well into this model.

Advantages of Removable Disk Storage 

Primary advantages include the fact that removable disks can be easy to both setup and maintain over time. They are also relatively easy to ghost, which means that small and medium businesses can rely on economies of scale. Once their managed programs staff has prepared one drive with all that an employee in a certain division will need, for example, that drive can be duplicated rather than manually installing all of the programs and data required by staff.


Disadvantages of Removable Disk Storage

Like any other tech solution, however, removable disk storage does have its drawbacks. One of these can be the cost of backups if the removable disks themselves begin to assume very large sizes such as in the terabyte range or above. In addition, the cost of purchasing disk storage, to begin with, may be relatively high when compared to a traditional tape backup system. For more information about scalable data storage solutions, please reach out to iCorps for a free IT consultation

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