iCorps Technologies Earns CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark

BOSTON, MA - May 20, 2018 - iCorps Technologies announced today it has received the CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark™, a respected industry credential that signifies its adherence to best practices for technology services delivery and customer satisfaction.

"Earning this credential identifies iCorps Technologies as a business that meets or exceeds the best practices the IT industry has to offer," said Nancy Hammervik, senior vice president, industry relations, CompTIA. "This includes managed services agreements, standard operating procedures, systems and tools for delivering services and general business operations."

The Trustmark was developed by CompTIA, the non-profit association for the information technology industry, in collaboration with industry experts and leaders, to identify businesses that have made a commitment to the highest levels of integrity and sustained quality service. 

"This certification was truly an organization-wide effort, as it covers all aspects of the service we provide from managed services agreements to delivery of services and everything in between," said Jeff Lauria, VP of Technology at iCorps Technologies.  "As a solutions provider we are constantly improving as a company and consulting experts in order to meet the high standards of our valued clients."

To earn the CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark, iCorps Technologies was evaluated on several aspects of their business operations, including organizational structure, technology tools and systems they utilize, standard operating procedures and IT service specific activities. The company also committed to abiding by a code of conduct and provided customer references.

Visit CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark to learn more. 

About iCorps Technologies
iCorps Technologies is a leading IT consulting, Managed Services and Cloud Computing Company. iCorps provides strategic leadership, innovative services, and superior IT solutions implemented by the best consultants in the Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Charleston, and Detroit areas. With over two decades of experience, the iCorps team is dedicated to delivering excellence to our customers by staying ahead of market trends and understanding new technologies that could impact their business. 

About CompTIA
CompTIA is the voice of the world's information technology (IT) industry. Its members are the companies at the forefront of innovation; and the professionals responsible for maximizing the benefits organizations receive from their investments in technology. CompTIA is dedicated to advancing industry growth through its educational programs, market research, networking events, professional certifications, and public policy advocacy.

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