iCorps Partners with AmpleHarvest.org to Launch "iCrops"

Small typos lead to great things. It was during a routine mid-morning email thread that "iCrops," spelling error turned community initiative, was born. The premise was simple: find a way to bridge the gap between nutritious food and accessibility.

Here's How We Partnered with iCrops

Closing the Gap



After careful consideration, iCorps partnered with AmpleHarvest.org - a nationwide effort to stock food pantries with locally-grown excess produce. These pantries, now totaling 8,335 registrants, provide food for one in six Americans, a quarter of which are children under the age of six. Not only does AmpleHarvest.org help eliminate food deserts, but their project also reduces waste, curbs the production of greenhouse gasses, and encourages sustainable farming and gardening. 

"We are very excited to announce the launch of iCrops," said Mike Hadley, President & CEO of iCorps Technologies. "Since the beginning, iCorps has been focused on empowering our community, from businesses to innovators to individuals. The fact that we are able to diversify our initiatives, and through this partnership facilitate nationwide change, has been an incredibly meaningful experience. No family should have to struggle to put food on their table. If we can play a small role in closing that gap, why wouldn't we?"

From the cloud to the ground, "iCrops" embodies iCorps' continued effort to better our community, and those across the country. iCrops is more than just a typo - it's a promise to embody our philosophy to the fullest. All donations to this initiative help support the technology, website, and staff who tirelessly coordinate local gardeners and food pantries. For more information about how you can get involved with iCrops, please visit our site

Donating is now easier than ever Text "iCrops" to 44321 and automatically receive a donation link directly in your inbox. We appreciate your support!