[WEBINAR] Why Businesses Are Choosing Microsoft Teams for Telephony

As Microsoft Teams continues to grow, more users are taking advantage of its suite of telephony services. Also known as "Cloud Voice," Teams telephony improves security and compliance by integrating with Microsoft's security and access solutions. Cloud voice also has better up-time and performance than comparable on-premise services, improving usability and employee satisfaction. In this webinar Jeffery Lauria, iCorps Vice President of Technology, discusses Teams' telephony services, and why businesses are moving away from traditional PBX systems. 

Watch This Webinar to Learn Why Businesses Are Leveraging Microsoft Teams Telephony Services:


Business Benefits of Teams Telephony

If your company is already investing in cloud services, cloud calling is one more way to optimize your IT investment. A recent Forrester report analyzed how Microsoft 365 Cloud Voice services impacted IT spend and user experience. Researchers found that mobile employees saved an average of 1.5 hours per week, due to improved calling capacity. Companies were also able to reduce spend associated with traditional solution and support costs, annual maintenance, replacing end-of-life equipment, and hardware for new offices. The ROI was an astounding 261%, with a net present value of $6.9 million. 


Key Calling Features of Cloud Voice

Cloud voice offers a robust calling experience, allowing users to easily customize plans as their companies expand. Businesses can retain their existing phone numbers in Teams, and use tools such as cloud auto attendants and cloud voicemail with transcription. Other features include:

  • Customer and Out-of-Office support

  • Worldwide calling capacity through custom direct routing and calling plans

  • Collaborative calling experiences with group call pickup, delegation, and consultative transfers

  • Streamlined global administration monitors calling with the Teams admin center and call quality dashboard

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