Cost of a Data Breach (How to Estimate Recovery Time)

It's no mystery that data security incidents are costly - IBM reports an average global recovery bill of $3.68 million, with 60% of SMBs facing closure within 6 months. But these numbers can feel, at times, abstract or hyperbolic. Are they directly applicable to your business, in comparable verticals, or reflective of employee structures similar to your own? Fortunately, iCorps' Recovery Time Calculator removes ambiguity from the equation. You can estimate the total cost of a data breach to your organization - factoring in business critical systems, hourly revenue, local versus cloud platforms, and more. Here's how it works:


Was that number a little too large for your liking? Ensure you're making the right decisions for your company. Learn more about the cost of a data breach on your business by requesting a free IT consultation. We've been securing businesses across the Northeast for over two decades - so whether you're looking to weather a storm, or stop cybercriminals, we're here to help.

Recovery Time Calculator

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