Giving Back this Holiday Season: an iCrops Update

With the holidays well underway, we are reminded of two things: the value of gratitude, and the fact that so many Americans experience scarcity during a season that celebrates abundance. This year alone, 40 million people will struggle with food insecurity. To help close this gap, and grow a network of access, our employees partnered with to create iCrops. Through iCrops, we are able to connect food pantries and farmers across the country, providing surplus produce to families and eliminating food waste.

Here's How You Can Help This Holiday Season

iCrops Donation

Our employees, clients, and community can join iCrops by participating in one-time or ongoing donations. Your support funds the technology, website, and staff that connect farmers and local food pantries. To make a donation, text "iCrops" or "iCorps" to 44321. For more information about how you can get involved, please visit our site.

"Our role as a business has always been about the value we could add, and the ways we could enrich, our community," says Mike Hadley, iCorps CEO and Co-Founder. "It has been a joy to partner with, whose vision continues to inspire us, and whose efforts will invariably enrich the lives of so many families this holiday season." 

About iCrops:
From the cloud to the ground, iCrops represents a continued effort to better our community. It's more than just a typo - it's an opportunity to put our philosophy into practice. 

About is a unique nationwide resource that is eliminating the waste of food, the outcome being a reduction in hunger and malnutrition along with an improved environment. It is accomplished by utilizing the Internet to enable 42 million Americans who grow food in home/community gardens to easily donate their excess harvest to one of 8,666 registered local food pantries spread across all 50 states. These food pantries help nourish the one out of six Americans that rely on these pantries.