5 Ways to Step Up Your Cybersecurity Approach

The latest entry in a never-ending series of data breaches comes courtesy of popular internet platform Reddit. The company revealed that a hacker was able to access usernames, passwords, and email addresses by intercepting SMS two-factor authentication. 

It's sad to say, but “giant company suffers massive data breach” has become all too commonplace in our news feeds — to the point that too many organizations are tuning out important lessons.

No amount of security will mitigate 100 percent of threats, but business and IT leaders must work together to determine which security controls are necessary, affordable, and worth the time to mitigate risks without hampering productivity and efficiency.

Jeffery Lauria, VP of Technology at iCorps, shares his strategies to step up cybersecurity with Cloud Tech, a cloud computing community.

Read the full article here: Five ways to step up your cybersecurity


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