6 Ways Microsoft 365 Supports Law Firms

Running a small or medium-sized law firm is no easy feat. You need to build strong client relationships, stay ahead of case deadlines, and make sure your staff has what they need to collaborate and respond quickly to clients. And amidst it all, you’re juggling complex compliance and regulation requirements, and the ever-present risk of a cybersecurity attack. That's too much for one team to take on, without the right tech stack. 

Here Are 6 Ways Microsoft 365 Supports the Unique Needs of Businesses in the Legal Industry:

Common Legal Tech Challenges

  • Inefficient case management practices - The process of storing client files and managing case information is largely manual for many small and medium-sized law offices, and therefore can be slow and susceptible to human error. Firms and offices need tools to help them store, share, and secure files more efficiently so they can be responsive enough to satisfy their legal clients.

  • Lack of a consolidated, organized system - Law practices need to find a way to manage case files, communications, and client information in one place to help them stay ahead of deadlines. This can be challenging without integrated applications that work together or reliable security solutions that help ensure standards are met.

  • Strong security means a strong business - Maintaining a strong reputation is critical for law practices. Putting security concerns first can help avoid losing the trust they’ve built with clients around keeping sensitive information protected. However, law practices need security solutions that don’t impede their ability to communicate and share files to help settle cases quickly.


Staying Connected with Microsoft Teams Infographic

6 Benefits of Microsoft 365 Business Premium

  1. Enhance the way people collaborate. Allow your staff to reduce reliance on email and speed up response times to co-counsel, opposing counsel, and clients by giving them a centralized, highly secure place to chat and work together with Microsoft 365 Business Premium and Teams.

  2. Help protect your firm from cyberattacks. Small and medium businesses are the new frontier for hackers. Help guard personal client information, case files, and your firm’s reputation with advanced threat protection tools from Microsoft Defender for Office 365.

  3. Connect with clients, collaborate safely. Allow legal teams to get more done and serve clients while working from their phone, a personal device at home, or a work PC at the office by creating a more secure hub for teamwork with Teams—while business data is better protected by applying security policies remotely across various devices with Intune.

  4. Control who can access case data—and who can’t. Better protect business data and client information with Microsoft 365 Business Premium by setting clear rules for who can access it, and when. Leverage features like custom permissions, security groups, and policies that require users to reset their passwords after a set number of days.

  5. Secure your data more easily in the cloud. Make it easier for lawyers to circulate case files quickly and more securely while keeping sensitive information off laptop hard drives with OneDrive for Business. And, with automatic sync, your trusted team can access, edit, or collaborate on the latest versions in real time.

  6. Meet industry requirements more easily. Simplify compliance with stringent legal industry standards by gaining better visibility into your own data privacy and authentication processes with tools like Microsoft Compliance Manager.

Gain peace of mind and better serve your clients by combining the tools to get more done with the comprehensive security features of Microsoft 365 for business. Manage the many needs of your law firm in one place, from using OneDrive to collaborate on active case files to meeting with clients using Microsoft Teams, on an easy to use and secure platform. Help protect your law practice from hackers and minimize the risk of exposing case information with built-in data privacy and compliance tools. Learn more about supporting your law firm with Microsoft 365, by reaching out to iCorps

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