How to Protect Remote Employees with Secure Remote Desktop

If your company was one of the many who adopted a remote work model this year, two concerns probably topped your list: productivity and security. Would employees be able to access the applications they use everyday, and would they be able to do so without compromising critical business data? Now that the initial transition to remote platforms has calmed, more companies are recognizing the long-term benefits of these solutions - particularly those of Secure Remote Desktop. Secure Remote Desktop is a virtual desktop environment that enables users to securely access their cloud applications, providing safe collaboration wherever your employees are. 

Here’s How Your Business Can Benefit from Secure Remote Desktop:

What Is Secure Remote Desktop?

Secure Remote Desktop is a Desktop-as-a-Service solution, providing users a virtual environment that's ideal for remote or mobile work. Our cloud consultants publish your business applications in the Azure cloud, which employees can then access through any internet-connected device. Employees can access applications, files, and their personal desktops from internet-connected devices, including Windows, Apple, and Android laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Employees receive a consistent user experience and work with the latest application and service versions. Because Secure Remote Desktop syncs across users, your business benefits are extended using secure access across the Microsoft 365 application stack. By virtualizing, you can reduce unused processing power, and run programs inexpensively from these endpoints.  

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7 Security Benefits of Secure Remote Desktop

In additional to supporting employee productivity, Secure Remote Desktop is an excellent means of improving remote security. Here are 7 ways Secure Remote Desktop helps your users work safely:

  1. A Safer BYOD Environment

    • Secure Remote Desktop provides a secure way for employees to access cloud applications and company resources from otherwise unmanaged devices
  2. Avoid VPN Slowdown

    • Secure Remote Desktop is a highly scalable cloud solution, allowing your employees to work and respond to tasks in real-time.
  3. Identity Access

    • Receive access to enterprise cloud identity tools. Your IT team can manage user access, secure endpoints, and identify potential threats.
  4. Isolate Cyberthreats

    • Azure's virtual network allows you to securely connect to your on-premises data centers or devices, and isolate Virtual Machines from suspicious traffic and users.
  5. Data Privacy and Protection

    • With Secure Remote Desktop, your team can set controls for access and use of your Microsoft data. Additional features such as encryption and data destruction help keep your information secure.
  6. Threat Defense

    • Programs such as Azure Advanced Threat Protection monitors and profiles user behavior and activities, identifying suspicious activities and advanced attacks.
  7. Improve Disaster Recovery

    • Avoid costly business disruptions by allowing access to desktops at anytime and backup all data offsite in the event of a disaster.


As organizations become more complex, user's needs change. With diverse devices and a disparate workforce, it's often safer to separate applications from their devices. Not only will a virtualized desktop environment support remote users, it supports BC/DR planning, provides additional security and control, and facilitates enterprise modality - resulting in reduced costs, reduced risks, business change, flexible agility, and user satisfaction. For more information about leveraging Secure Remote Desktop, reach out to iCorps for a free IT consultation.

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