[WEBINAR] Securing Manufacturers in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, smart sensors and cloud computing are driving today's cutting-edge manufacturing and industrial processes. IT security, integrity and reliability play an integral role in the success of advanced manufacturing. Hear from IT leaders, industry experts and manufacturers about strategies on security, threats, planning, testing and compliance that meet at the intersection of manufacturing and cybersecurity.

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Webinar Highlights: IoT, Data Breaches, and More

As part of the fourth industrial revolution, manufacturers are on the cutting edge of technological advancement - retrofitting traditional production lines with smart tech like AI and the IoT. These technologies are helping companies meet changing client needs, shorten the time it takes to get products to market, and anticipate supply chain constraints. But these tools are not without their vulnerabilities. Here are our top recommendations for manufacturing companies looking to improve their overall security posture:

  1. Trusted Process (API / Integration) Automation
    • Certify API (assessment)
    • Reauthenticate keys annually
    • Limit access (virtual location / data monitoring)

  2. Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)
    • Patch all subsystems
    • Limit access between systems (pull versus push notifications)
    • Understand data flow between systems

  3. Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Quarantine devices behind a DNS firewall
    • Limit connectivity
    • Patch regularly
  2. Cloud Computing: Everyday Computing and Threats
    • Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace
    • Company sites
    • Customer relationship management systems (CRM)

  3. Cognitive Computing
    • Restrict access
    • Protect the integrity of data
    • Mature and map data flow

  4. Artificial Intelligence
    • Limit functionality on an as-needed basis
    • Ensure controls are in place to prevent out of function use

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