10 Must-Know Cloud Computing Facts of 2021

As we enter the new year, it's safe to say that cloud platforms helped businesses tackle some of the greatest technical challenges of 2020. There were profound paradigm shifts: the mass migration to remote work, increased cyberthreats, financial constraints. And still, public cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure provided greater flexibility and scalability than most businesses had previously experienced. As cloud providers adapt to meet growing demand, and release new products to support remote work, the momentum continues to build.  

Here Are the Top Cloud Computing Trends and Projections for 2021:


Cloud Forecast: Digital Disruption

Here are our top ten cloud facts for 2021:

  1. The public cloud infrastructure market is predicted to grow 35% over the course of 2021. This global growth is valued at $120 billion.

  2. By 2023, public cloud spend is predicted to reach $500 billion.

  3. In 2021, 30% of companies are looking to increase their IT spending in one of the following areas: cloud computing, networks, security and risk management, and mobility.

  4. 94% of businesses have seen improved online security since migrating to the cloud.

  5. Cloud-supported remote work has increased 300%, when compared to pre-Covid levels.

  6. In 2021, businesses are prioritizing these top three cloud features: disaster recovery and high availability, identity access and management, and content delivery applications.

  7. According to IT leaders, platform and service flexibility is the top benefit of multi-cloud platforms.

  8. The three largest public cloud platforms are accelerating migrations and application development to meet evolving consumer needs. Their revenue growth by platform is:

    1. Microsoft Azure - 47%

    2. Google Cloud - 43%

    3. Amazon Web Services - 29%

  9. 81% of enterprises have at least one application or segment of their infrastructure in the cloud today.

  10. At the start of 2021, 67% of enterprise infrastructure will be cloud-based.

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