5 Mobile Security Tips for Summer Travelers

With summer underway, many are looking forward to some well-deserved "out of office" time. Whether traveling abroad or enjoying a staycation, there is something about downtime that lowers our guard. It would come as no surprise then that cybersecurity risk increases during the holidays. From malware to compromised public wifi hotspots, hackers are more than happy to capitalize on relaxed travelers.

Here Are 5 Ways to Secure Your Tech While Traveling:

  1. Know Your Network

    • Don't allow your device to automatically connect to wifi hotspots. Many wifi networks, from the airport to the hotel, offer convenience, not security. Only join secured networks, and never access sensitive information over a shared public system.

  2. Ensure You're Connecting to the Right Network

    • Often hackers will create hotspots with names that are similar to those around them. For example, the fraudulent hotspot "HolidayHottel" may appear in the vicinity of "HolidayHotel", a legitimate wifi network.   

  3. Charge Carefully

    • Don't plug into foreign ports, such as USBs, because they may be connected to hidden devices with malicious downloads. This manner of hacking, called "juicejacking", can be easily avoided by charging your devices via safe plugs, such as those found in your hotel.  

  4. Turn Off Your Bluetooth's Automatic Connections

    • These automatic connections may make your device susceptible to malware or data theft. A more recent, and dramatic, example of this took place during a white hat hack, where a researcher was able to override a Tesla Model X in 90 seconds via Bluetooth vulnerabilities. 

  5. Take Proactive Security Measures

    • Ensure that your devices are password-protected, your data has been backed up, and your applications and anti-virus software have been updated. These simple steps go far in securing your content. 

The last thing anyone wants to think about on their vacation is security. Unfortunately, hackers recognize that it's prime time to strike. Your guard is down, your settings are unfamiliar, and you're posting relentlessly on social media. But cyber insecurity doesn't have to be part of the itinerary. If you want to learn more about securing your mobile devices, reach out to iCorps today

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