IT Outsourcing...the ABC's of SLA's

11/21/12 9:34 AM iCorps Technologies

Businesses of all sizes today are outsourcing at least some of their IT needs. Mainly, benefits of outsourcing IT in Boston, New York and Phildelaphia include cost savings and exposure to expert IT professionals. The needs and environment of your organization are the primary factors in deciding which aspects of your IT operations to outsource, but it is possible to outsource all operations through a hosted cloud and services package if it proves to be the best solution for your business. Some IT operations, such as helpdesk support services, are now almost universally outsourced. 

Outsourcing does not have to mean "offshored"  in today's market, as a large percentage of specialized IT outsourcing is done by companies based in the US. The list of outsourced services offered by IT providers inlcudes an array of customizable options - read below to learn more about IT outsourcing best practices.

Outsourcing Contracts and Service Level Agreements

The contracts between outsourcing providers and companies seeking IT services have become extremely complex today. Outsourcing of mission-critical processes requires a great deal more due diligence and contractual guarantees than outsourcing basic payroll or accounting functions. These complex contracts typically include one or more service level agreements (SLA's), in which the IT provider and the business specify in detail what services will be provided and create benchmarks to measure performance.

SLA's typically include sections focusing on definition of services, measuring performance, problem management, responsibilities of the customer, security provisions, warranties, disaster recovery, and termination of the agreement. In some cases, SLA's can even speak in detail to the specifications of each service (location of employees, software platforms, etc.), but these types of contracts are becoming less common as both providers and clients have seen benefits from letting service providers develop their own innovative ways to provide the services.

Working with an Experienced Provider

Small and medium sized businesses often can't afford an experienced legal team to negotiate a comprehensive IT services contract, nor should they have to. Working with a reputable, local IT services provider will alleviate the need for legal assistance while fulfilling all of your IT needs. Boston-based iCorps Technologies is an experienced leader in IT services - contact an iCorps representative for a free consultation today.

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