Point-of-Sale Systems: The New Target for Malicious Actors

Attacks on point-of-sale systems have become increasingly common, and that's cause for concern. Many businesses fail to understand the role of PoS systems in their larger IT ecosystem - and the opportunities and vulnerabilities these devices pose. PoS malware is designed to scrape financial information from these unsecured devices, including customer credit cards and transaction histories. Part of the reason PoS breaches continue to occur is that many businesses fail to make security an integral part of their organizations. But PoS vulnerabilities aren't as difficult to fix as they might seem.

Here's What Your Business Needs to Know About Point of Sale Cyber Attacks:


Since PoS malware impacts retailers before their customers, they have the responsibility to secure their PoS devices. Regular steps such as checking credit card statements, and real time identity theft monitoring go far. For more tips check out our article:

Read the full Business 2 Community article featuring Jeffery Lauria, iCorps Vice President of Technology, here: Point-of-Sale Systems: The New Target for Malicious Actors 

Engage Employees in Security Best Practices

The success of your point-of-sale environment largely hinges upon your employees. Keep your employees informed with contextual and relevant information, shared over a company intranet or chat platform. When possible, provide secure company-owned devices, while deploying secure solutions on personal ones. It is also important during this time to implement security best practices, such as:

  • Layered MFA solutions and identity management
  • Endpoint management solutions such as Microsoft InTune
  • Verify suspicious emails, and avoiding links or attachments
  • Isolate personal computers from company networks via virtual workstations

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