B.GOOD Boston: How Digital Transformation Drives Business Growth

B.GOOD has quickly become synonymous with the best that Boston's fast casual dining scene has to offer. The franchise, now with locations in eleven states and four countries, continues to deliver a high-quality product, without losing sight of its original company ethos. That is, to use locally sourced ingredients, as part of a larger community effort to promote sustainable, healthful eating. 

Of course, delivering on this goal has been a process. As B.GOOD quickly expanded, both in reach and number of employees, it became clear that their IT infrastructure did not suit their growing needs. Employees were spread across disparate operating systems, and there was little to no centralized management of their cloud-based services and employee devices. 

Recognizing the need for a more secure and streamlined technology environment that would scale with their growth, B.GOOD partnered with iCorps' experts who put a corporate IT strategy in place. B.GOOD implemented iCorps' Encompass Plus program, a tailored pairing of onsite and remote services, including account management and around the clock monitoring. 


iCorps' experts also migrated B.GOOD employees to Microsoft Office 365, as part of a larger push for stability and security. As B.GOOD continues to integrate various security and productivity features through the Office suite, their employees are afforded a more consistent, collaborative working environment. For VP of Data Analytics, Austin Brinson, the emphasis on efficiency and creative exchange is just an extension of B.GOOD's message. He explains, technology "help[s] us communicate better with our customers about who we are and really maintain those better relationships."

TIP: To enable positive transformation results like B.GOOD, ensure that your company culture is ready for digital transformation

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