[VIDEO] 3 Questions You Should Be Asking Your IT Provider

Hosted services offer clients traditional IT resources including applications, infrastructure, security, storage, and more. However, unlike cloud platforms, these resources are hosted offsite on data center servers. For many businesses, this outsourcing frees up needed on-premise office space, without sacrificing niche services and systems. However, when company data is in the hands of a third-party vendor, who is responsible for ensuring its security?   

Check Out This Short Informational Video To Ensure That Hosted Services Aren't Putting Your Data at Risk:


3 Essential Questions for Any Hosted Services Provider

Hosted services should alleviate your security concerns, not add to them. If you are in the process of vetting your hosted services provider, make sure you ask:

  • Is data being co-mingled? You don't want your employee's personal information to be stored with confidential business information. 

  • Who owns your information? You should be in control of your business data, not a hosted vendor.

  • How often are security tests performed? You should have routine security tests to assess business continuity, system and data-backups, and geographic redundancy. This testing should be part of your business continuity and security plans, as well as any remediation in the event of poor performance.


If your business is looking for a change, consider the benefits of managed security services. iCorps offers back-end data security and proactive management, with network monitoring, system patches, and help desk support. And unlike many hosted services providers, routine security testing and data backup are our top priorities. For more information consider reaching out to an iCorps expert and requesting a free IT consultation.  

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