How Mimecast Secure Messaging Protects SMBs with Enterprise Tools

In recent years, Mimecast has become a forerunning cloud-based email management service, available through both Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365. The platform integrates security, archiving, and continuity features to boost user productivity, and support business development. 

Here's how Mimecast email solutions secure SMBs and their employees:

Mimecast Solution Business Benefits

Through Mimecast email security suite of tools, users automatically leverage:  

  1. Secure messaging  

  2. Encrypted large file send 

  3. Targeted threat protection through URL rewriting 

  4. A secure email gateway with spam, malware, DoS, and DHA protection  

  5. Encrypted cloud storage that saves all messages while supporting powerful archive search capabilities  

  6. Email access through Microsoft Outlook web and mobile browsers, in the event of a primary mail system outage


So what does this threat detection look like in real time? Let's take a look at Mimecast's threat protection. In the following image, an employee has received an email containing a seemingly normal attachment. 


However, when they selected said attachment, Mimecast found that the linked site contained both malicious and spear-phishing content. The user received an automatic message, warning them of the potential threat. Not only did Mimecast keep the individual safe, this suite of tools protected their collaborators and organization at large.


Through Mimecast's warning, this user was able to avoid a potential cybersecurity incident. Looking for more ways to use Mimecast? See the following video:


Email and other cyber threats are increasing daily, and are increasingly targeting small and medium-sized businesses. Keep your employees protected in the office, and working remote. Learn about iCorps' Managed Security program to keep your organization protected.

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