How to Plan a Private Data Center Migration [VIDEO]

By 2020, 83% of enterprise workloads will be hosted in the cloud. Of those, 63% will be either entirely public or a public-private hybrid. More businesses are embracing public cloud platforms due to their high reliability, on-demand scalable resources, and subscription model that lowers overall cost. As a result of this growing interest, more companies are moving away from private data centers. But what exactly does this data center migration look like? And what are some of the roadblocks businesses typically face?

Here is a Short Informational Video About Why More Businesses are Moving From Private Data Centers to Public Cloud Infrastructures:



Public Versus Private Cloud Solutions

There are many reasons companies are making the switch to public cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure. In fact, 2020 has been a banner year for Azure, with new/updated features including:

  1. Integrated Security Solutions

    • The cloud provider has coupled this with security solutions such as threat detection for suspicious user behavior, DDoS protection against malicious web traffic, and Azure AD for Single-Sign-On and identity management. 
  2. AI, Machine Learning, and Advanced Analytics

  3. Convergent, Open Source Platforms and Integrations

    • The Azure portal has become highly personalized, making it easier for users to add and deploy their preferred resources, data sources, and devices. 
  4. Smarter IoT Devices in the Cloud

    • Microsoft has developed Azure IoT Central - a fully managed platform that offers enterprise-level IoT project templates.
  5. Dynamic Pricing Structure for SMBs

    • This year, Microsoft will be expanding Azure's pricing model to better match project volume and need.

Transitioning to a public cloud platform doesn't have to be an uphill battle. iCorps can help your business craft a strategic road map, ensuring continuity and stakeholder engagement. iCorps can assist your business in outlining:

  • Key organizational goals

  • Disaster recovery requirements

  • Workload or application identification and classification

  • Infrastructure, hardware, storage, facility, and maintenance costs

If your business is looking to have a private data center migration to a public cloud platform, consider reaching out to an iCorps' expert and requesting a free IT consultation.  

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