Outsourcing IT Help Desk Support (5 Benefits to Consider)

Nothing frustrates a client more than poor IT support in their time of need. When SMB customers have questions or problems regarding a product or service, their first point of contact is customer support. Unfortunately, many organizations are lacking fully equipped help desk support solutions; their budgets simply do not allow the cost. How can organizations respond quickly and deliver top-level service without compromising call quality and customer satisfaction?

What Are the Top 5 Benefits to Outsourcing Your IT Help Desk Support?

Outsourcing Help Desk Support is the Solution

IT outsourcing frees up time for your IT staff and allows them to concentrate on strategic operations and revenue-generating ideas, instead of fighting support fires. Your customers’ issues are handled by experts utilizing the latest technology to provide support solutions more efficiently and effectively. Read below to find the top five benefits of outsourcing help desk support services.

1. Support Availability Increases

The majority of companies follow a traditional 9-to-5 work schedule. However, many of these companies are conducting transactions “behind the scenes,” outside of normal work hours. For example, customers making online purchases sometimes have a need for immediate support, depending on the transaction. Having no help desk support in place after hours can lead to frustrated customers, complaints, and other preventable headaches. Outsourcing to qualified firms during non-peak hours—in different time zones—provides 24 hour support from a real individual, not a script or automated response.

2. Reach Call Objectives Easily

Many in-house support representatives have good intentions but lack the knowledge or experience to bring all calls to a resolution. Outsourcing help desk support to a provider with expert agents will provide a level of service that rivals or exceeds the level of customer service provided within your organization. There are a variety of IT companies, especially in a city like Boston, that can help desk support better call management, from skilled agents, with your service level objectives in mind.

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3. Improved Response Time

Help desk support most often includes remote access; taking control of a computer or account without physically being at that location, to address the issue. This allows faster response time to diagnose and troubleshoot problems while saving on labor, transportation, and materials. Downtime is minimized significantly when help can be dispatched immediately, instead of responding in a matter of hours. Employees are unproductive when they are unable to work and companies lose money with each passing minute; this problem is mitigated or avoided with outsourced help desk support.

4. Fixed Pricing and Lower Cost

The need to hire new staff to provide a higher level of support is a thing of the past. An organization’s fixed costs are minimized substantially by hiring outsourced help desk assistance; partnering with a support provider is far less expensive than hiring, retention, and benefits costs associated with full-time employees. Cash saved on personnel costs can be invested in other endeavors to further maximize company profits.

5. Technical and Industry Expertise

Hiring an outsourced IT company allows industry experience to manage your support needs. In other words, finding a company that specializes in your particular industry provides an edge over working with those that aren’t. A company based in your niche with the technical experience to resolve problems specific to your industry—in little time—improves customer relations and can positively impact your bottom line. Investing in off-premise assistance for Help Desk services not only saves companies money but also creates time to invest in clients and employees. Improve response times around the clock, at a lower cost than on-premise support teams—with outsourced support. As your company grows, so will the rewards. Reach out for a free consultation, and find out how!

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