Case Study: Reducing the Cost of Ownership Through Cloud Computing

This Boston accounting firm has spent the past 15 years refining their best-of-breed tax consulting, compliance, and advisory services. They currently support corporate executives, entrepreneurs, private equity ventures, and more - but their digital assets were controlled by a third-party private cloud vendor. When the quality of their IT service began to lag, it became clear that a much needed switch was in order - leading them to iCorps and the public cloud

They originally reached out to iCorps for a 360° technology assessment. They had spent the past three months working with their then vendor, trying to get their technology to a better place. When it became clear that their provider couldn't match our suggestions, the firm signed on as an iCorps Encompass client. This provided immediate maintenance from mid-level consultants, strategic senior IT leadership, system and server monitoring, equipment procurement, and account management.   


Our consultants migrated their employees to Azure, Microsoft's public cloud platform, over the course of a single night - ensuring there would be no disruption to employee workflow. We were able to seamlessly integrate their line-of-business applications in the Azure stack, while adding layered security through Microsoft Intune and Windows 10.

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For the past 20+ years, iCorps has been refining outsourced and hybridized IT strategies for companies across the Northeast. If you are interested in learning how cloud-based IT solutions can support and drive change within your business, contact an iCorps expert.

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