[WEBINAR] Making Cyber Insurance Work for Your Business

Cyber insurance has exploded in popularity over the past few years with rising cybercrime. But should you believe the hype? Check out our webinar for a crash course in cyber insurance - the ins and outs of policy coverage, questions you should ask when vetting providers, and ways to integrate a cyber insurance policy into your overall cyber security strategy. Jeff Lauria, iCorps' Vice President of Technology, and John Reith, Channel Manager of DataStream Insurance, meet to discuss the importance of cyber insurance.

Watch Our Webinar to Learn More About Securing Your Business with a Cyber Insurance Policy:


Webinar Highlights: CIS 18, Policy Essentials, and More

For those business owners looking to institute a cyber insurance policy, here are some of the top take aways from our webinar:

  1. Cover Your Business - 1st Party Liability
    • Fund transfer fraud, social engineering, client funds, invoice manipulation, crypto-jacking, reputational harm, dependent business interruption, system failure and BYOD losses for employees and knock-on impacts, such as post attack legal action.​
  2. Cover Businesses You Work with - 3rd Party Liability
    • Privacy liability, media liability, management liability, and bodily or property damage. 
  3. Comprehensive Cyber Risk Analysis
    • Based on the world's largest data set of cyber losses, tracking over $10 billion in insurance premiums.
  4. Incident Preparedness
    • Work with you and your MSP before and after incident, decreasing the possibility of future attack. 

If your business is considering a cyber insurance, and are looking for assistance when crafting the policy,
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