5 MSP Business Solutions to Increase Efficiency

You're no stranger to the concept of digital transformation. It is the promise of efficiency, an unmatched ROI, and employee productivity. And while a digital overhaul can certainly yield these transformative results - which products and services would best fit your business? Do your employees work remotely or bring personal devices to the office? Is collaboration with outside companies central to your everyday processes? These are just a handful of considerations that should inform the outcome of your digital transformation. Fortunately, a Managed Services Provider (MSP) will have a deep bench of expertise on the extant transformative tools, and those that best complement the unique needs of your business. Here are five MSP business solutions that can boost your long-term efficiency.

Here's What Your Business Needs to Know About Efficiency with Managed Services:

Reigning in the Cloud 

In a recent Research and Markets' Report, public cloud services are expected to reach $141 billion in sales by the end of 2019. This is a two-fold increase in total spending since 2015. Furthermore, the market for managed cloud services is expected to grow 17% over the next five years, with the managed hosting market reaching $120 billion by 2020. This demand is driven by a number of factors, including the desire to reduce challenges "facing data center, infrastructure, communication, and network organizations for integrated services." However, cloud services are based on subscription models. They support the use of a tool, not the personalization that would optimize said resource on a client-by-client basis. This is where an MSP comes in:

  1. Lower long-term spend

  2. Reduce on-site data footprint

  3. Scale services to changing business needs

  4. Streamline infrastructure and implement scalable products

  5. Locate and implement efficient cloud solutions and alternatives  

  6. Create policies and procedures that establish security safeguards, and define employee roles and responsibilities

In Cisco's Managed Services solutions overview, their researchers found that businesses spend 65% of their IT budget just "to keep the lights on." This is an alarming percentage dedicated to routine, rather than new and innovative, expenditures. Cisco discovered that once these companies leveraged an MSP's business solutions, they experienced an average 40% reduction in total IT expenses, and increased efficiency by 50-60%. 

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How Managed Services Experts Can Help

Beyond the tangible savings, MSPs can ameliorate challenges such as retaining talent, managing multiple technologies, overseeing vendors, and ensuring compliance. Cisco's study found that for one client, the time necessary for employee onboarding was reduced by 90%. Furthermore, MSPs provide access to specialized talent and can enhance all levels of a company's supply chain performance. More businesses are picking up on this fact, and MSP outsourcing is expected to increase 7% by 2026, from 22% to 29%. For in-house employees, the presence of an MSP can invigorate support for new tech initiatives, provide an invaluable opportunity for educational collaboration, and streamline everyday processes.  

At a higher level, MSP partners can also support security and classification efforts, ensuring that appropriate access levels are in place. MSPs can assist with data privacy initiatives, and can actively vet suppliers, vendors, and workers to ensure standards are being met. Moreover, MSPs can do all of this in a configurable manner, developing a strategy that is intuitive for your employees, and in line with your overall framework and processes. By partnering with an experienced Managed Services Provider, you can ensure your business' safety while freeing up time to plan for the future. For more information about iCorps' enterprise-class solutions, contact an expert today.  

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