Why Your Boston Startup Deserves Encompass Edge

For Boston locals, the city has always been emblematic of possibility. It is a hub for seemingly every industry - from biotech to financial, construction to software development. With so many pioneers in one place, it is no surprise that Boston has become a hotbed for startups. Recent stats show Boston eclipsing New York, with startups securing venture investment second only to Silicon Valley. So how can you ensure your startup stands out from the crowd? Read on to find out.  

Here's Why Your Boston Startup Deserves Encompass Edge:

About a year ago, iCorps launched Encompass Edge, a product suite designed to support businesses that were built, or looking to transform, in the cloud. Of Edge's earliest adopters, the majority have been startups. But why, exactly?

Virtual Care

Many startups do not have the affordances of a traditional brick-and-mortar infrastructure. Though many are housed in increasingly common co-working spaces, others remain completely virtual, with employees distributed across the country, or around the globe. Both pose their own set of challenges. Co-working spaces seldom provide the security infrastructure necessary to safeguard user, client, and intellectual property data. For companies looking to dock with more restrictive organizations, this can pose an unnecessary roadblock. 

For startups with a highly distributed employee structure, different challenges arise. Inefficient communication and collaboration, coupled with a lack of streamlined tools, hinders productivity. Exacerbated by distance, these problems can appear an insurmountable obstacle that ultimately affects a startup's bottom line.

Encompass Edge bypasses these problems by driving the use of modern cloud applications specifically designed to foster collaboration. iCorps' technicians also prioritize developing new competencies around modern and familiar applications to boost productivity while decreasing the learning curve. For new companies with limited IT spend, Encompass Edge helps ensure that cloud investments are fully utilized, and ROI is maximized.

Scalable Strategy

Encompass Edge was built around the belief that startups deserve enterprise-level resources, including 24x7 network monitoring, on-demand help desk support, account management, and IT leadership and advisory. Fundamental to this is in-depth analysis and detailed deliverables prior to project implementation, ensuring that every suggestion will reinforce long-term growth.

Encompass Edge also provides startups with strategic insights that inform expansion and project development. Cloud-based data insights and analytics drive proficient business decisions, while device protection management safeguards end-users. As startups continue to grow, these services can easily scale for additional coverage, employee growth, and specialized IT projects. And for those startups looking to make the transition from cloud-based to brick and mortar, Edge can easily accommodate the new set-up. 

Edge Out the Competition

Across industries, startups face high barriers to entry and intense competition for market share. Despite these challenges, startups continue to disrupt convention, integrate new technologies with familiar services, and shape an emerging economy. And while that process is far from predictable, your IT can be. Encompass Edge provides secure enterprise-level services that drive cross-company gains and set the trajectory for future success.

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