Staying Secure in the IIoT Patchwork

In many ways, manufacturing is one of the industries that's most likely to benefit from automation. Automation can eliminate the need for human involvement in rote activities, adjust input and output according to demand and efficiency, and adapt according to peak usage time for optimized IT spend and energy efficiency. Increased competition - both domestic and international - is pushing manufacturers to lean on technologies that optimize production and eliminate redundancies.

Here's How to Stay Secure in the Manufacturing Industry

IoT Devices 

Unfortunately, many IoT devices are still in the infancy stage. These devices seldom receive routine security and network updates - including essential system and vulnerability patches - leaving them vulnerable to cyberattacks. If a single IoT device is compromised, it can put an entire manufacturer's network and data at risk. From stolen intellectual property, production downtime, legal ramifications, and lost client and employee data, the consequences can be costly in the short and long term.

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As a manufacturing company operating domestically, you're contending with a number of state and job specific regulatory frameworks. In order to best meet these requirements, we recommend these essential security tools for our clients in the manufacturing industry:

  • DNS Firewall
  • Managed Security
  • Managed Email Security
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • End Point Detection and Response

Now, more than ever, take the time to review your cyber security and compliance posture. For more information about implementing any of these solutions, or leveraging big data tools, for your manufacturing business, reach out to iCorps for a free IT consultation.

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