Datto Cloud Continuity: 4 Ways To Cover Your Data

So you lost your computer. Maybe it was a casualty of that week-long industry conference. Maybe it's still tucked away in the pocket of your airplane seat, between SkyMall and empty pretzel bags. The thing is - we understand. When you're five breakout sessions deep, it can be difficult to keep everything straight. That's why our partner Datto created their Cloud Continuity program.

Here Are Four Ways to Cover Your Data, So Lost Hardware Is the Least of Your Worries:

File Recovery

Every week 140,000 hard drives fail in the United States. This can grievously dampen employee productivity and businesses' ability to meet customer demand. Through Cloud Continuity, your desktops and laptops are automatically backed up to Datto's cloud. Backups are continuous and independent of location - ensuring your mobile employees are covered. Datto leverages image-based technology, essentially saving snapshots of your files, folders, applications, and system configuration.


Device Recovery

These backups will continue unless a connected device is interrupted, whether from a malicious or accidental source. If the imaging verification notices a change or halt in backups, it will send automatic alerts so someone can address the problem. Once the device has been reconnected, backups will resume automatically. Not only does this dramatically reduce downtime, but it also decreases the likelihood that your employees will have to use new or unsecured devices in the interim

Cloud Virtualization

By relying on virtual, image-based backups, your employees can leverage the resources they need securely. Datto's Management Portal is highly customizable, allowing you to configure agents, recover files and devices, and manage virtual content. You can easily view screenshots and backup activity without being tied to on-premise hardware. Datto's Cloud Continuity program supports PCs currently using Windows 7, Windows 10, and volume up to 1TB. 

[DIAGRAM] The Features and Functions of Datto Cloud Continuity

Thwart Ransomware

If history has proven anything, it's that you should never pay a cyber ransom. With Datto Cloud Continuity, any PC that's been affected by ransomware will revert to the configuration recorded at its last backup. You don't need to worry about data loss, or setting up a new device layout because the process is automatic. Your intellectual property - no payment necessary. Ready to upgrade your data backup strategy? Reach out for a free consultation, or to talk about Datto's Cloud Continuity with one of our cloud experts. 

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