Why Outsourcing IT for Citrix Support Makes Sense

Companies that are growing will need to expand their IT department to keep up. However, continuing to add workstations and employees to manage them can be quite costly, which may quickly eliminate the growing resources that the business had on hand. Many businesses are choosing to implement virtual desktop solutions to help them stay in contact with other locations within the company. In order to maintain these desktops, the company will need to invest in time and employees with the proper expertise to keep them up and running, costs that will grow exponentially over time.

Here’s How IT Outsourcing with Citrix Can Keep Virtual Business Solutions Running Smoothly:

Challenges to Remote Connectivity

As companies grow increasingly dependent on remote connectivity to maintain their business endeavors, the availability of digital solutions grows as well. A variety of options that are both easy to manage and easy to scale to a company’s given needs are widely available. Each toolset is customizable to directly address the technological abilities and needs of a given company. Allowing customers to create their own settings and personalized feel for their remote desktops helps ease the transition to these materials so the company does not lose vital productivity during this time.

Long-term Strategic IT Planning

It is essential for a company that plans on outsourcing IT services of any kind to find a company that offers consistent and reliable service. Instead of offering a standard setup for every customer, IT departments should work to create a remote access setup that is secure and sure to promote the highest level of up-time possible. It should be relatively simple to update the system to meet the growing needs of the company over time without having to invest additional funds. Companies that are currently in flux or seeing a great deal of expansion should be able to map out a long-term IT solution that will continue to meet their growing digital requirements.

Virtual desktops should offer a complete user experience that can easily compare to that of a standard desktop setup. Users should be able to customize their settings and save their preferences so they can easily gain access to the applications they use most often without hassle. The remote desktops should mimic the look and feel of the traditional physical desktop so users do not have to learn two sets of instructions to manage their network. This only increases the risk of confusion or stress for the user.

The Citrix Solution

The offerings from the Citrix support group work to address these specific needs while offering a network that is easy to manage. All portions of the virtual desktop are offered through a Citrix server so there is no need to install additional software or manually install the network on each workstation. The program can easily run on one computer or several hundred depending on the needs of the company, making it ideal for businesses that are expanding. Citrix has specifically designed their networks so they can be customized to meet the needs of a variety of networks so they can be quickly changed while remaining easy to understand and manage for employees that are less familiar with the business’s IT system.

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