6 Ways to Scale Up Your Retail Business with Microsoft 365

The pandemic caused an unprecedented shift in commerce. Customers want more retail experiences that are contactless, flexible, and online. Small and medium-sized retail businesses that adapt can better serve their customers. For example, businesses that rely on in-store sales might offer virtual, appointment-based shopping sessions or product demos. Meanwhile cyberattacks are growing in complexity and frequency, meaning retailers must find ways to keep up with industry trends while also staying secure. Gain peace of mind and achieve more by better protecting your data and customer information from costly cyberattacks. Microsoft 365 for business combines the productivity tools you need with comprehensive security features—and no IT expertise required.

Learn How Microsoft 365 Supports Retail SMBs:

Common Challenges for SMB Retailers

  • Quickly adapting to the new retail landscape - Retailers need to implement rich, remote experiences, like the ability to show/demo products and meet customers and suppliers virtually, to meet changing customer needs. This can be challenging for small and medium-sized retail businesses with limited technology resources.

  • Staying ahead of costly cyberattacks - Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and common. Being able to protect sensitive information like customer data and pricing details from hackers enables small and medium-sized retail businesses to focus on selling to their customers—but many may lack the security know-how and resources.

  • Employees need secure and flexible work environments - With more retail employees working remotely from various locations, it’s crucial to find ways for them to work together, chat, engage with customers, and access business information easily and securely. Manage your retail business in one place, from creating business forecasts to scheduling staff shifts and meeting clients or suppliers wherever you may be, under the easy to use and secure platform of Microsoft 365.



6 Ways Microsoft 365 Makes Retail More Agile

  1. Become less vulnerable to cyberattacks - Small and medium businesses are the new frontier for hackers. Better protect your customer information, product designs, and more with advanced threat protection tools in Microsoft Defender for Office 365.

  2. Control who has access to your information - Reduce concerns about leaking of your business’ sensitive information by applying restrictions like Do Not Copy and Do Not Forward with Information Rights Management.

  3. Connect teams, collaborate more securely - Allow sales teams to get work done whether they’re on the go and chatting from their phone, brainstorming product demos on a personal device at home, or reviewing sales figures in the store or main office from a work PC by creating a more secure hub for teamwork with Teams—while business data is better protected by applying security policies remotely across various devices with Intune.

  4. Improve data security in the cloud - Keep sensitive work files and pricing information off laptop hard drives with OneDrive for Business. And, with automatic sync, your trusted team can access, edit, or collaborate on the latest versions in real time.

  5. Keep up with shoppers’ demands - Expanding your “virtual” storefront with e-commerce? Microsoft Teams can help manage digital shopping appointments or provide high-value customer service via chat or calls to make repeat transactions more likely.

  6. Focus more on growth and less on IT - Free yourself from playing the role of IT manager so you can focus on driving sales and running your business. Create collaboration systems with Microsoft 365 Business Premium that make it easier for people to work together and make good decisions—with advanced security features to help keep your data and people safer.

Get the flexibility and peace of mind you need to help your retail business succeed with
Microsoft 365 Business Premium. With easy-to-use productivity tools and comprehensive security features, you can get work done and help protect yourself from cyber threats. To learn more about Microsoft 365, reach out to iCorps for a free IT consultation

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