How Encompass IT Managed Services Program Drives Success for Clients

With so many moving parts, it can be difficult to describe what an ideal IT infrastructure looks like in 2020. Companies are wrangling with the proliferation of IoT devices, sweeping regulatory changes, and finding appropriate outlets for tech disruptors such as AI and big data. Employees are more inclined to work remotely, and need collaboration tools to support their mobile teams. And those in the C-suite want to ensure their IT spend is optimized. Fortunately, our proactive Encompass program was built to meet the needs of all three.

Here's How Encompass Drives Success for Clients:

Client Success Story

What does this look like for our clients? For Austin Brinson, of restaurant chain B.GOOD, "Having the Encompass program in place lets us take care of those more technical pieces. It helps with those baby steps we needed to take getting towards a more secure point.” Read more about our work with B.GOOD here.

Intuitive Design

iCorps Encompass program was designed around five key components: IT leadership and advisory skills, account management, 24x7 monitoring, onsite scheduled maintenance, and unlimited help desk access. Input from these five areas help our specialists stay on top of your network performance. For example, high help desk incidents or repeat emergencies may indicate necessary hard- or software updates. Our monitoring system tracks server availability, system utilization, and alert summary, while maintenance visits focus on long term optimization. 

As an Encompass client, your company has access to a dedicated IT team without the cost and overhead necessary to support an in-house department. If you already have in-house support, our model can easily supplement their work for a hybrid environment. Other benefits include:

  1. Lower cost per service
  2. Predictable IT spending
  3. Reduced emergency spending
  4. Overall savings from proactive care

If you think Encompass would be a good fit for your business or want to learn more from our happy clients, reach out for a free IT consultation

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