How Can Your Business Benefit from Azure Virtual Desktop?

If your business is using Microsoft 365 and Windows, Azure Virtual Desktop is a natural extension of your working environment. AVD is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service that can replace your on-premise virtual desktop deployments for a more flexible cloud experience. This is ideal for companies that have mobile or remote workforces, as it provides a consistent user experience while simplifying the management requirements for your IT staff.

Here Are the Top Business Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop:

What Is Azure Virtual Desktop?

AVD provides a secure, remote desktop experience for your employees. This flexibility is ideal for many different business scenarios, such as: short term employees, contractor and partner access, BYOD and mobile policies, branch workers, and mergers and acquisitions. Virtual desktops can replace or supplement your company's on-premise virtual desktop deployments - allowing your team to deliver a better user experience to employees and customers alike.

  • User Experience Management 
    • One service supports both desktop and RemoteApp experience
    • Flexible user experience through a single host pool, with multiple app groups
    • Familiar Azure AD credentials to access Azure VD resources
  • VM Management
    • Multiple tools for automated VM deployment
    • Enhanced OS/App update tools
    • Disaster recovery with integrated Azure Site Recovery
  • Azure Virtual Desktop Service Management
    • Simplified and effective troubleshooting using advanced diagnostic service
    • Third-party value-added services enabled by APIs

AVD works across PCs, phones, tablets, and browsers - delivering an user experience on par with a physical PC. Deliver a full-desktop, authenticated experience to users at all levels of your company. AVD also greatly streamlines the backend experience for your technical staff. It can greatly reduce the amount of time spent managing on-premises infrastructure, simplify the management and provisioning processes, and allow your organization to deploy more cohesive access to corporate data and applications. These changes can greatly impact your company's cloud ROI, and Azure's turnkey delivery makes it easy to deploy and scale AVD in real time. 

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Security within Azure Virtual Desktop 

In addition to ease of use, one of the top benefits of AVD is Microsoft's comprehensive security solutions. AVD has enhanced security by way of:

  • Azure AD Security Services - sophisticated security services easily configured through Azure AD (e.g. MFA and CA)
  • Reduced Attack Surface - reverse connect technology eliminates the need to open inbound ports to the VMs
  • Granular Access Control - multiple admins can be assigned role-based access control
  • Isolated User Sessions - isolated user sessions in both single and multi-session environments

Using a virtual desktop can also allow your business to reduce its attack surface. Your team spends less time monitoring inbound ports, and can focus on access alerts and identity-based threats. Granular, role-based access control allows your IT team to apply the "principle of least privilege", whereby users only have access to the documents they truly need to work. User identities are also isolated, helping to contain internal threats that may arise from targeted or compromised accounts. 

AVD also allows for a high level of department-specific customization. Your IT team can develop specialized workloads for your design and engineering teams, legacy applications, or sandboxes for development tests. And because AVD connects from Windows, MacOS / iOS, HTML5, Android, and Linux - your teams can work within their preferred operating system. 

Cost Savings with Azure Virtual Desktop 

AVD can help your organization lower labor costs by moving computer and storage to the cloud. Eliminate high overhead associated with managing on-premise infrastructure, and reduce labor costs by increasing the use of cloud-based automation. From a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) perspective, the use of AVD also reduces the labor costs associated with managing and upgrading the management plane. Trade many small, dedicated virtual machines for a few large shared ones with higher utilization. AVD is the only desktop virtualization service that provides Windows 10 multi-session, meaning that you will get the best user experience at a price you'll love. Let Azure Virtual Desktop help your business:

  • Reach anyone, anywhere
  • Minimize or eliminate downtime
  • Simplify data center management
  • Reduce capital and operating costs
  • Quickly provision applications and resources
  • Improve business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Increase IT productivity, efficiency, agility, and responsiveness

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