How Your Internal IT Department Can Benefit From IT Outsourcing

For many companies, navigating the trials of growth and expansion can be fraught with pitfalls. In order to bring operations and processes up to scale, your IT department has to balance increasing demand with budgetary and staffing constraints. Your business can’t afford for your IT department to fail during such a crucial time. The question then becomes: do you hire more staff, knowing the expense of recruiting, training, and high rates of employee turnover in the industry? Or do you explore other options? Partial outsourcing of your IT workload to a managed service provider (MSP) can help optimize your team’s performance in the following ways:

Better Workload Management

Your in-house IT staff may find it difficult to address daily tasks, including user support and server monitoring, without neglecting higher-level objectives such as a cloud migration. However, shifting the focus to high-priority projects can mean that other parts of your infrastructure remain underserviced. Your employees shouldn’t have to choose between immediate concerns and long-term initiatives. Outsourcing to an MSP frees up time for your staff to safely focus on business-building objectives.

Scalable Assistance and Security

As your organization changes and grows, so do your IT requirements. On-premises servers and  Dropbox-type file sharing become impractical to oversee in-house. Furthermore, they can create security liabilities if not held to strict compliance standards. An MSP can move your data to an enterprise-level cloud platform and provide services such as firewall management, spam filtering, encryption, authentication, and routine data backup. 


Predictable Budgeting

Set services and dependable coverage are encompassed within a single program for a set price determined by an initial IT assessment. Your business receives proactive IT administration for tasks like scheduled maintenance, monitoring, help desk, and account management. Complementing your internal staff with outsourced IT support ensures better coverage for your team, at a price you can anticipate each month.

Fuel for Further Innovation

Working with an MSP provides access to a broader range of technical expertise, helping your company stay on top of emerging technologies and best practices. With this type of collaboration, they can solve problems faster and more creatively—all while helping you retain an engaged and agile IT department. You don’t have to fall by the industry wayside for lack of better options. Outsourcing IT services to an MSP will help your business run more efficiently and cost-effectively. Learn about our services and request a free consultation to see how we can streamline your IT.

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in April 2016 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.