4 Ways Manufacturers Can Flip the Script on IT Outsourcing

One of the biggest misconceptions in manufacturing is that outsourced IT only solves back-office problems. More often, it is seen as a way to establish workflows for avoidable concerns, whether they're routine updates or break-fix tickets. Fortunately, increasing awareness of cloud technologies is shifting the way industries across the board are collaborating with outsourced IT experts. Now, rather than operate on a reactive cycle, companies should seek tailored cloud solutions that improve performance office-wide.

Here Are the Five Most Common Business Benefits That SMBs and Enterprise Clients Experience When They Outsource Their IT:

  1. Strategic Focus

    • How much time does your IT department spend on break-fix tickets? Are high priority initiatives sitting on the back-burner for lack of bandwidth? By outsourcing routine IT processes, companies free up time to focus on business-critical initiatives. 
  2. Staff Augmentation

    • By leveraging staff augmentation, companies can accommodate internal staff changes, seasonal demand, and strategic growth. Technical consultants can be deployed as needed, in-office and remotely.
  3. Optimized IT Spend

    • When you don't have a clear view of your IT infrastructure, it's easy to overpay for extraneous services while failing to invest in business-critical ones. Working with an MSP makes it easier to invest strategically in your IT.
  4. Industry Best Practices

    • Having immediate access to industry IT experts is invaluable. A technical consulting firm gives you access to expert best practices and cross-functional industry knowledge. 
  5. IT Governance

    • You want an MSP that's cognizant of rapidly shifting regulatory landscapes, even those that don't directly impact your industry. From GDPR to the CCPA, your MSP should have an expert understanding of how these regulations impact your IT infrastructure.


Read the full Manufacturing.net article written by iCorps President and CEO Mike Hadley here: 4 Ways Manufacturers Can Flip the Script on the IT Outsourcing Conversation

As a manufacturing company operating domestically, you're contending with a number of state and job-specific regulatory frameworks. In Order to Best Meet State and Job Specific Requirements, We Recommend These Essential Security Tools for Our Clients in the Manufacturing Industry:

  • DNS Firewall

  • Managed Security

  • Managed Email Security

  • Multi-factor Authentication

  • End Point Detection and Response

Now, more than ever, take the time to review your cyber security and compliance posture. For more information about implementing any of these solutions, or leveraging big data tools, for your manufacturing business, reach out to iCorps for a free IT consultation.

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