Benefits of Network Monitoring & Management

Whether you use cloud computing to deliver products or have a conventional business network with limited internet access, network monitoring is critical. Unfortunately, many businesses are reluctant to embrace all the advantages associated with network monitoring, because they do not understand the security complexity or advantages to business continuity.

Here Are the Top Three Benefits of Network Monitoring and Network Management Systems:

Manage Technical Issues with Ease

Consider a situation where you sell custom software or a type of cloud archiving as part of your product support. For many businesses, there are bound to be times when your customers need some form of technical support. In many cases, these people won't have to worry about sending the device back to the factory if a technician can simply access the customer’s computer and run diagnostics on the device. When it comes to the juncture between customer satisfaction and saving money on business continuity and managed services, network monitoring can save you thousands of dollars in a very short period of time.

Keep Your Data Safe at All Times

As you may be aware, many business owners are concerned about data loss. When you have network monitoring set up on your network, you can easily create automated, centralized backups of all your systems, even if they are located in different parts of the world. No matter whether you only have one or two locations to cover, or you collaborate with dozens of people on a routine basis, network monitoring will make it very easy to keep backups synchronized. As an added bonus, if one member of the team needs to access another server in real-time, network monitoring will offer a secure and efficient set of protocols to work with.

Don't know where to start with network security?

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Manage Client Network Usage with Confidence

Today, many businesses allow office workers and other employees to access the internet as part of doing routine work. Unfortunately, if you do not make use of network monitoring of client networks, it will be very hard to pinpoint employees that may be abusing the system, or even using confidential information for private purposes. In addition, if your clients rely on you for data backup and integrity, few methods offer the kind of seamless interface found on networks with network monitoring. While IT consultants may be able to find other ways to monitor the network, all parties are bound to be much more successful when they have network monitoring tools at their disposal.

Each day, business owners look for more ways to save money by taking advantage of remote networks and computers. A partnership with an experienced and trustworthy IT outsourcing provider can help launch your business forward. For decades, iCorps has been providing our clients the cost-effective IT outsourcing they need for day-to-day IT tasks and long-term strategic goals. For more information, reach out for a free IT consultation

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