How to Optimize Productivity with Microsoft 365's Workplace Analytics

By 2022, Gartner predicts the global business value of AI and advanced analytics is projected to reach $3.9 trillion. Decision support and automation, virtual agents, smart products, and streamlined user experience are driving this upward trajectory - and more businesses are looking to the advanced capacities within their Microsoft suite to make informed business decisions. In this webinar Jeffery Lauria, iCorps Vice President of Technologies, explores how individual users and organizations can optimize their productivity, schedules, and more with Microsoft 365's analytics.

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Webinar Highlights: The 4 Pillars of User Productivity

MyAnalytics is available to all business class users under Microsoft 365 subscriptions. It is especially useful now that so many organizations have made the switch to a remote model. When opening MyAnalytics, users will see their information nested under 4 categories:

  1. Focus

    • Excludes collaborative activities such as meetings, to determine how much time users have to focus on individual projects. It can take up to 23 minutes to refocus after checking an email or chat.
  2. Well-Being

    • Quiet days are based on whether you send and read emails, attend meetings, take calls, or send chats during your quiet hours. They are outside present working hour periods and include weekends. People who disconnect daily from work report lower levels of stress and anxiety.
  3. Network

    • Your network is comprised of all the internal and external contacts that you've had at least one meaningful connection with. A meaningful connection is comprised of a 2-way communication in email, chats, calls and smaller sized meetings. Meeting new people can help you bring novel ideas and resources to your work.
  4. Collaboration

    • Time spent in collaboration is the percentage of time you've spent in the past 4 weeks in meetings, emails, chats, and calls during your working hours. 47% of meetings are considered unproductive.

[DIAGRAM] Microsoft 365 MyAnalytics

Workplace Analytics provides a high-level anonymized overview of how your organization operates. You can see a breakdown, by department, of how people are collaborating, the productiveness of meetings, work during quiet hours, etc. This information can be pulled into PowerBI and applied in any number of ways, from forecasting to scheduling, etc. With Microsoft Analytics, your business can benefit from:

  • Comprehensive and integrated analytics platforms

  • Scaled usage without linear growth in costs

  • Comprehensive security for your data

  • Best in class compliance out of the box

  • Continued investment in strengthening AI products and solutions 

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