Understanding the ROI: Philadelphia IT Consulting

Return on investment (ROI) is often the cornerstone of C-level decision-making, particularly when investing in IT services. And with the ubiquity of cloud services in the marketplace, many businesses either hold off on adoption or go all in - assuming that their spend is synonymous with optimization. However, in both cases, the effects can be a costly reminder that there is no substitution for expert consulting. 

Philadelphia IT Consulting

Reigning in Cloud Spend

Modern businesses understand how crucial cloud-based resources are to productivity and the bottom line. And for good reason.

  • Applications can be used and integrated across devices

  • The cloud offers a seemingly infinite capacity for performance

  • Scalable, high-availability, and on-demand IT services

  • Flexibility that can be built around diverse employee structures / configurations

However, while collaboration tools have been shown to increase productivity by as much as 400%, more cloud doesn't necessarily translate to a better cloud. Current estimates show that companies overpay for cloud services by as much as 36%. This figure pales in comparison to on-premise data centers, 80% of which have more server capacity than necessary. The compounded effect of this excess spending causes companies to spend upwards of $62 billion annually, worldwide. 

Fortunately, iCorps' technicians can help businesses optimize their cloud spend. Our consultants take into consideration the current computing infrastructure and end-user work stations. Then, they assess server performance data (including central processing unit and memory utilization), network traffic, messaging data, and extant messaging system architecture. 

For Those "Just in Case" Moments

Unfortunately, tech still has the highest rate of employee turnover, with current estimates hovering around 12.3%. Although Philadelphia's talent pool has been on the rise, businesses aren't totally immune. IT consultants can provide stability in response to short and long-term employee absences, seasonal or temporary need, vacation coverage, and more. iCorps consultants can provide support in many areas, including:

  1. Compliance, security, and deploying resources such as Azure Active Directory

  2. Designing, advising, and implementing supplementary initiatives

  3. Leveraging critical applications and processes company-wide

  4. Assisting projects such as hard and software deployment, system and infrastructure upgrades, data backup and migrations, and more

By outsourcing to IT consultants, you have a set of specialists to manage project portfolios, reduce instances of failure and downtime, and support seamless integration of services from the C-suite to the end-user. With IT consulting, you can prioritize spend to favor performance and security, implement flexible and scalable resources, increase productivity while reducing fixed costs, and benefiting from a deep bench of up-to-date tech expertise.

If you want to schedule a free IT consultation or learn more, check us out at iCorps.

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