4 Reasons to Upgrade to Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Microsoft 365 Business Premium gives companies the tools they need to communicate with others and have all of their data in easy-to-access documents. You can work anywhere, anytime, while being secure and cost-effective. Microsoft 365 Business Premium adapts to meet your business needs, easing the stress on your organization and bottom line. 

Here Are 4 Ways Microsoft 365 Business Premium Supports Your Organization: 

1. Be Productive Anywhere

How often do your employees work remotely and need real-time collaboration including group chat, web conferencing, and file sharing? How are you safeguarding access to these resources, ensuring only the right people have access? Whether you're working remotely or in the office, Microsoft 365 allows you to stay connected and get work done efficiently and securely. Microsoft Teams helps your team stay organized and have conversations in one location. Through Word, Excel, PowerPoint, your team can create and work together in real-time. Also, you can save all of your documents, such as images, large files, and videos, in the cloud through OneDrive. Every document that is saved in the cloud can be shared with your team anywhere, any time. 

2. Enable Remote Access and Identity Protection

Do your employees use personal phones, tablets, or laptops to access company data? If so, are there security policies and tools in place to protect your data? If not, Business Premium offers a needed combination of Office apps and advanced security and management capabilities. Microsoft 365 Business Premium helps protect against cyberthreats like phishing and ransomware, helps secure work data on personal devices and helps protect identity.It includes Defender for Office 365, Azure Active Directory, Intune, data loss prevention / access information protection, upgrade rights for Windows Professional and more. Plus, you benefit from a holistic solution designed to work well together versus trying to get disparate point solutions to work:



3. Defend Against Cyberthreats

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the features in Business Premium, to keep up with the latest security and privacy regulations. Enterprise security is automatically enabled in Microsoft 365, so you don't need to spend time finding resources or trying to install other onsite software. There are privacy controls in Teams and other office suite applications to help protect your employees from outside threats such as malware and phishing. With Business Premium, you can help employees avoid malicious web sites by scanning links in emails and documents in real time to block unsafe destinations. You can also implement automatic detection to help prevent sensitive information such as social security or credit card numbers from leaking outside your business.

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4. Secure Personal and Company Owned Devices

What are some of your concerns around data security and privacy? Where do your biggest threats come from? If you're concerned around security at the data-level, Business Premium can help. Microsoft 365 makes it easier to secure access to critical on-premises or line-of-business applications. Secure company data on phones, tablets, and laptops, with iOS and Android security policies. Your IT team can also remotely wipe business data form lost or stolen devices without impacting your employees personal information. For more information about Microsoft 365 Business Premium, reach out to iCorps for a free IT consultation

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