iCorps' Cybersecurity Insights Meet the Boston Business Journal

iCorps' Chief Information Security Officer, Jeffery Lauria, was honored to join the Boston Business Journal's “Cybersecurity Table of Experts” to share insights about how to secure small to medium-sized businesses amid today's ever-evolving cyber threats.  Lauria was joined by security experts from three other Boston-based businesses in a Q&A format discussion moderated by Boston Business Journal Market President, Carolyn Jones

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Recapping the Talking Points

Cutting through the noise, narrowing down the information, and knowing where to start with cybersecurity is one of the most important aspects of a successful business - and also one of the biggest challenges facing business leaders today. Guidance and information on how to navigate the situation are a must-have in order to build a cybersecurity program that ensures business operation efficiency and security. 

So what happens if you offload that security to a vendor platform? Don't set it and forget it. While vendor platforms are designed to be secure, there is still a need for business leaders to customize, collaborate and share the responsibility of the security of their data. Cloud provider tools are often largely underused by business leaders, but are designed with shared responsibility in mind. Take advantage of them, and iterate on the ways your business can leverage them to enable and ensure your long term success. 

AI - the elephant in the room - we couldn't have a cybersecurity expert discussion without touching upon this topic. What's revealed is the importance for businesses to build their cyber defenses, align their team, and combat the latest threats with experts who are trained and skilled.

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