The Hybrid Managed Services Model: Cloud Solutions & Archiving

More and more businesses are becoming familiar with a managed services approach to IT infrastructure. The adoption of cloud technology is increasing at a rapid pace as enterprises use applications such as Google Docs that enhance productivity and efficiency.

Cloud services are now shifting into another phase, with the adoption of technologies newly termed "hybrid services."

Hybrid Cloud Computing

Hybrid services are an IT solution that combines hosted services, managed services, and cloud computing applications. Hybrid services allow for more flexibility than would either an on-site or remote solution alone, enabling users to shift their workloads between remote data centers and their own hardware and infrastructure as needed. Technology from VMWare helps enable this ease of use. Even though most businesses are still in the very early stages of assembling solutions that use what is coming to be called the "hybrid cloud," more are becoming ready to adopt this hybrid services model as they see the benefits.

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Hybrid Services and Archiving

One way in which hybrid services are helping business enterprises is in the key area of data backup and usage. Many businesses are required to maintain specific documents such as contracts and proposals for a very long time. Storing such documents in their own data centers can be costly.  Secure cloud storage can be provided in a way that enables the seamless recall of such documents into local computers when required. This leads to a situation in which both local and remote IT resources are utilized to manage a technological function, which is the essence of hybrid services. For more information about hybrid services, please reach out to iCorps for a free consultation. 

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