Client Success Story: Microsoft Stream

Imagine you've been working on a product for months, perhaps years. You've gone through designing, testing, tweaking, planning. And the moment finally comes when you get to share it with your stakeholders, who happen to be scattered across the Northeastern seaboard. Now imagine that your video conference loses connection mid-launch. Not a very inspiring image, is it? One that businesses of all sizes, including EyePoint Pharmaceuticals, would be happy to avoid. Based in Watertown, MA, EyePoint Pharmaceuticals was preparing to release a new product during an offsite company-wide broadcast. So, they reached out to iCorps for the best solution, and walked away with Microsoft Stream.

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Stream is, true to its name, an intelligent enterprise video service within the Microsoft 365 suite. Users can create and share video content, stream live events, and engage organization-wide or as select teams. For EyePoint, the idea of seamless cross-company reach was essential. They didn't want viewers conferencing in, inadvertently disrupting the quality and flow of the call. With Stream, participants are invited via a secure link. Once there, they can submit questions and comments without interrupting the presenters. No fumbling with the mute button, no dead time—just efficiency. EyePoint was also adamant when it came to the security of their launch. Because sensitive intellectual property was being shared across the stakeholder map, they needed to ensure their collaborators remained on a need-to-know basis. Fortunately, Stream's security and compliance features allow users to add access levels under the "who can see this video" setting.

The Sunday prior to Eyepoint's conference, iCorps technicians went to their offsite location to set everything up. They worked through the evening to install audio recording software, conduct a test recording, then save and stream a copy of the video. After placing said video on their Stream dashboard, our technicians ensured that all necessary parties could easily access the content. The next morning, EyePoint carried out their launch seamlessly. For the duration of the call, they were able to track total viewers and address submitted questions. EyePoint was so pleased with Stream's efficiency, they have asked our technicians to set up streaming equipment in their second location.  

In the meantime, their employees continue to reap the benefits of highly engaging content. Stream's homepage allows them to browse channels, groups, and highlight trending videos. Features such as auto-generated closed captioning increase accessibility and information retention. And because the platform is iOS, Android, and Windows compatible, employees can now access Stream content on the go through mobile apps. If you are looking to empower your employees with Office 365 productivity tools, including Stream, reach out to one of iCorps' experts today.

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