Cloud Computing Security Questions to Ask Providers

Over the past several years, cloud computing has proven itself as a viable business solution - capable of adding agility, scalability and efficiency to organizations of just about any size. What many don't realize, however, is that the cloud is a solid contender in the cyber security field and - when implemented correctly -  cloud computing solutions can provide organizations with the level of security they couldn't otherwise afford or manage on their own.

Here's Some Questions to Ask Your Providers

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While scores of organizations are already reaping the benefits of cloud computing and cloud data security, others remain apprehensive about the idea of losing control of their data. What these skeptics don't realize is that the leading cloud competitors (i.e. Microsoft, AWS) have departments and advanced resources dedicated to keeping their platforms secure, which helps YOU keep your organization's data secure. It is important to note that not all cloud vendors are created equal and when evaluating your options, we urge you to ask the right questions to ensure the provider you choose is doing their part to safeguard their cloud.

7 Questions to Ask Your Cloud Provider

In many cases, cloud computing can give SMBs a "leg up" when it comes to IT security. An experienced cloud partner can help you conduct a proper assessment of your environment, business needs and compliance requirements, and recommend the solutions that make the most sense for your business and budget. Ultimately, the security of your data is YOUR responsibility - so make sure you're asking the right questions:

  1. How do they maintain the confidentiality of your data?

  2. How do they maintain the integrity of your data?

  3. How do they maintain the availability of your data in regards to data protection?

  4. Who else’s data will be co-mingling with yours?

  5. Do they meet compliance standards?

  6. Will your data remain your property alone?

  7. Are they properly certified?

To get more detail about these questions, read this new eBook: 7 Data Security Questions to Ask Your Cloud Provider. For more information, reach out to us for a free consultation. 

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