Cloud Computing Facts 2019: Statistics & Benefits

With over 63% of all workloads in the cloud, it's safe to say that cloud computing has grown into a service most businesses depend on for the execution of their daily operations. How the cloud is leveraged varies from business to business; however, the following cloud facts, statistics, and benefits highlight the substantial impact cloud technology has on modern businesses.

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Top Cloud Computing Facts

Here are our top cloud facts for 2019:

  1. Cloud usage grew 15% from last year, reaching an all time high.
  2. The global public cloud services market is projected to grow 17.3% in 2019 to $206.2 billion.
  3. By 2021, public cloud spend is predicted to reach $277 billion.
  4. 93% of businesses reported having better data security after switching to the cloud.
  5. 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020.
  6. Enterprise applications account for 70% of cloud services, while consumer cloud apps represent the other 30%.
  7. On-premise workloads will shrink from 37% to 27% of total workloads by 2020.
  8. 21% of files in the cloud contain sensitive data.
  9. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) remains the largest segment of the cloud market, with revenue expected to reach $85.1 billion in 2019.
  10. Organizations can save $3-5 million per legacy application by inventorying and migrating existing applications when switching to the cloud.


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