Cloud Computing Facts 2018: Statistics & Benefits

Over the last several years, cloud computing has transitioned into a widely adopted service that businesses utilize in their everyday operations. Regardless of the business size, 2018's stats and predictions emphasize the substantial impact of cloud technology. Watch this video to learn more about the benefits the cloud can bring to your business.

Here Are Our Top Cloud Computing Facts for 2018:


Top Business Cloud Computing Statistics

Here are our top cloud facts for 2018:

  1. 50% of global enterprises will rely on at least one public cloud platform to drive digital transformation and meet customer needs.
  2. In two years, enterprises will execute 50% of core security actions, such as policy setting and monitoring, with consistent workflows across all major public cloud platforms.
  3. Companies that invest in big data, cloud services, and mobile tools enjoy up to 53% faster revenue growth that their competitors.
  4. 94% of businesses claimed an improvement in security after migrating to the cloud.
  5. 91% said the cloud makes it easier to meet government and industry compliance requirements.
  6. Optimizing cloud costs is the top initiative for businesses in 2018.
  7. AWS, Google, and Microsoft will capture 76% of all cloud platform revenue in 2018.
  8. The public cloud market is expected to reach $178 billion by 2018, and continue to grow at a compounded rate of 22%.
  9. Multi-cloud is the preferred strategy among 81% of enterprises.
  10. Over 30% of enterprises will spend more on their cloud computing than data center IT operations combined.

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