How to Improve Network Infrastructure with IT Consulting

When businesses set out to design the infrastructure of a new network, cost and efficiency considerations may be uppermost in mind. Unfortunately, decisions that work well from such a standpoint may not represent the best way to meet IT security needs. Working closely with an IT consulting firm during the planning phase of a networking project can help businesses to avoid making common infrastructure mistakes.

Here Are the Top Three Ways to Improve Your Network Infrastructure Through Outsourced IT:

1. Monitoring and Managing Internal Traffic

One important statistic to keep in mind is that more than 50 percent of all breaches are actually caused by insiders such as a firm's own personnel. A well-designed network will consider this from the first by implementing measures such as traffic control and when necessary, traffic throttling. Such measures can be useful even when no malice is intended by the activities of internal personnel. Employees merely trying to do their jobs will sometimes consume excessive bandwidth on the network, bottling up communications that are more essential when one looks at the bigger picture.

2. Event Auditing on the Network

Auditing all events the moment they occur can add a cost factor to network operations, but it also means that security breaches are much less likely to be overlooked. A log file also provides an excellent audit trail while investigating a breach and can help IT consulting firms recommend the changes needed to prevent such breaches in the future.

3. Single Points of Failure

Any network that has only a single connection to the World Wide Web also has a single point of failure. By keeping two or more connections active and available, it is much harder for a malicious actor to take the network offline. For firms with business models that depend heavily on a continuous connection, this should be a critical consideration.

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