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Focus on Business Goals with Staff Augmentation

IT outsourcing NYC, IT outsourcing Philadelphia, IT outsourcing Boston

At a time when you are looking to concentrate on ensuring that your business objectives are met, operational decisions can divert your attention from meeting goals. Finding employees with a broad set of skills for ongoing or short-term positions is a challenge that all businesses face. For a small to mid-sized company, these issues can be big roadblocks to overcome.  Staff augmentation is a solution that you can look at to increase the agility of your organization. 

How to Lower IT Spending in 2014 with Staff Augmentation

IT spending 2014, IT budget 2014, staff augmentation

If you are like the thousands of businesses in the midst of creating an IT budget for 2014, consider adjusting your business model to one that focuses on staff augmentation. Before you start thinking "How will that effect my existing internal employees?" be aware that there are IT consulting firms out there who fully support (and advocate for) a hybrid internal/external IT staffing model. There are a number of positive cost saving points to be aware of before you make the switch. Firstly, you will almost always see a decrease in your operational IT expenditures.

Server Monitoring with SaaS

SaaS, server monitoring services

Despite the preventative measures implemented by IT departments, it will happen at some point: servers will go down and outages will occur. But even if an organization cannot prevent these issues from occurring, the impact can still be minimized through the use of information gathered by server monitoring services. What exactly is server monitoring? Basic functions include:

Prepping for Virtualization in 2014 IT Budgets

Virtualization 2014 Budget

Businesses that are ready to move toward a virtualized infrastructure need to consider all sides of implementation costs when developing their IT budget for 2014.  Contrary to popular perception, making the full move to a virtualized environment involves three different kinds of costs associated with IT projects: hardware, software, and labor. 

Business Continuity Planning in 5 Easy Steps

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity checklist resized 600

One of the keys to long-term success with any business is to focus on business continuity planning and crisis management processes proactively.  No one knows what tomorrow will bring, but there are steps you can take to ensure that your organization is prepared for a disaster scenario. First, ask yourself:

Microsoft Spotlight: Automatic Failover in Microsoft SQL Server

microsoft SQL resized 600

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and later offer a feature known as "automatic failover" designed to help guarantee database stability.  Automatic failover is useful in situations in which information in the primary or main database becomes unavailable for some reason.  In these cases, the automatic failover feature causes the secondary or mirror server to function as the primary server until primary server function can be restored. Situations in which this is useful involve disaster recovery scenarios especially.

Microsoft Spotlight: Time to Upgrade to Microsoft Exchange 2013?

microsoft exchange 2013 standard key resized 600

The need to keep IT budgets tight and lean is an ever-present pressure for IT and C-level management across the board. New features of upgraded products can prove a tempting fix for some existing problems, particularly when a business's needs have exceeded a current application's capacity for efficiency.

Cloud Solutions: Manageability and Availability Issues

Cloud Solutions, IT Services

Organizations are increasingly choosing to route some or all of their computing infrastructure to the cloud.  While this presents businesses with greater opportunities to enhance business efficiencies, such a move also requires businesses to get used to features of the cloud environment that may be new to them. With the highest cloud usage ever, businesses must be able to adequately weigh the benefits and draw backs of utilizing cloud computing for every day operations. The cloud poses many challenges, the most pressing of which are manageability and availability. See what issues are posed with each challenge, below.

Move Over Internally Managed IT Services; Say Hello to the MSP!

managed services, IT services Boston, Managed Services New York

There has been rapid development in the area of IT managed services in recent years, especially in the SMB space. As outsourcing managed services gains traction with smaller companies, more agile solutions begin to emerge in the market.

Three Steps to a Successful Firewall Implementation

Firewall Solution New York, Managed Security New York

With the increasing determination, creativity, and intelligence of hackers, it is more important than ever to make sure that an organization's IT systems are adequately protected from viruses, trojans, and other forms of intrusion. Though there are many ways to help ensure the integrity of a network's security, one very important method of safeguarding sensitive data is through the implementation of a firewall.

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