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5 Low Tech Solutions to Deter Cybercrimes


Cybercrimes are on the rise and the cyber black market has evolved from ad hoc, discrete individuals into a highly organized network of hackers, operating in a multi-billion-dollar economy, per RAND’s recent report. With innovation and growth, the cybercrime market can be very profitable.

Unlock the Full Potential of Office 365

Office 356, cloud computing, It consulting

Microsoft Office 365 delivers almost immediate value to your users with little training because of their familiarity with the desktop Office productivity suite.

Boost User Productivity with Office 365

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Cloud computing offers organizations tremendous advantages, including simplified IT management, little or no upfront investment in hardware, and a serious productivity enhancer -- anywhere-anytime access for users.

So it was no surprise when technology giant Microsoft decided to take its popular and market-dominant Office productivity suite, enhance it with some powerful features and collaboration tools, and move it to the cloud platform. The resulting Microsoft Office 365 takes user productivity and cloud computing benefits to a new level, with proven, familiar tools that translate to greater user adoption and productivity – faster.

iCorps Technologies Recognized for its Innovative Approach to Managed Services

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We are honored to be on CRN Managed Service Provider Pioneer 250 list.  This recognition underscores our commitment to delivering excellence through strategic leadership, innovative services and hands-on expertise to our customers, on a regular basis.

Can Your Company Benefit From IT Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation

At a time when you are looking to concentrate on ensuring that your business goals and objectives are met, operational decisions can divert you from the primary focus. Acquiring skilled and flexible manpower for temporary or short term positions is a challenge that most companies face. For a small to mid-sized company, these issues can be big roadblocks to overcome.  Staff augmentation is a solution that you can look at to increase the agility of your organization. 

Disaster Recovery: Can Your Business Survive a Real-World Disaster?

Disaster Recovery New York, Disaster Recovery Philadelphia, Disaster Recovery Boston, Business Contiunuity"Uptime" refers to a system’s availability to users and applications. When a server is down – for routine maintenance or because of a system failure – productivity is lost, and compliance or revenue may be compromised as a result. Even customer satisfaction may be affected, for instance, if an online store temporarily cannot process orders.

But there is more to uptime than meets the eye – and it’s not simply a matter of keeping a system running. Secure, remote system accessibility is just as important. 

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Help Desk Services

IT Outsourcing, Help Desk Services

Nothing frustrates a client more than poor technical support in their time of need.  When business customers have questions or problems regarding a product or service, their first point of contact is customer support.

Unfortunately, many organizations aren’t equipped with fully equipped help desk support solutions; their budgets do not allow the cost. How can organizations respond quickly and deliver top-level service without compromising call quality and customer satisfaction?

Outsourcing help desk support is the solution. IT outsourcing frees up time for your IT staff and allows them to concentrate on strategic operations and revenue-generating ideas, instead of fighting support fires. Your customers’ issues are handled by experts utilizing the latest technology to provide support solutions more efficiently and effectively. Read below to find the top five benefits of outsourcing help desk support services.

End of Life for Exchange 2003: How to Upgrade and Move to the Cloud

Ugrade Exchange, Exchange 2010 upgrade, Exchange 2003 end of life

In our last post we talked about the new features in Exchange 2013, and why it’s time to start planning your upgrade. Now for part two - How to Upgrade to Exchange 2013.

Exchange 2003 EOL: What's New in Exchange 2013

Exchange 2013, Exchange 2003 end of life

As many of you may already know, support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 will be coming to an end in April 2014. Each product that Microsoft releases has a lifecycle that determines how long it maintains and supports the product. Exchange 2003 mainstream support is already over. And, Exchange Server 2003 extended support ends on April 8, 2014.

4 Steps to Increased IT Security

IT Security, Compliance, IT Governance

IT Security is paramount to the uninterrupted running of network operations. Unfortunately, for many companies IT security means anti-virus or malware protection...and nothing else. It's easy to allow the news of hackers taking down mutil-billion dollar businesses with one calculated effort influence the security decisions your company makes. However offputting these scenarios are, remember that a strong IT posture is dependant on a multifacted approach to protecting your network. Here are four steps, that you can start today, to improve the overall IT security of your business.

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