[WEBINAR] How to Enhance Teams Telephony with Cloud Integrations

Telephony today is really about endpoints - phones, desktops, laptops, tablets. How can you ensure the performance of these endpoints, while streamlining the management and business insights derived from each moving part? Integration. Microsoft Cloud Voice solutions bring together a network of applications such as Teams, PowerBI, and device management, for a layered view of your organization's telephony. In this webinar Jeffery Lauria, iCorps Vice President of Technologies, explores how companies can pull key business data from Microsoft Cloud Voice. 

Watch Our Webinar to Learn More About Enhancing Teams Telephony with Cloud Integrations Such as PowerBI:


Webinar Highlights: Data-Driven Business Insights

Device management is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to overseeing a BYOD working environment. Your endpoints have software that needs to be updated, but standardizing this process can be a nightmare. Teams has a built-in management function for updating software, ensuring your telephony reflects the latest updates and security standards. Your telephony administrator can:

  • Set policies for common area phones based on user profile, zip code, time of call, etc.

  • Pull custom PowerBI reports with forecast information and optimal engagement periods

  • Download usage logs, restart phones, and update software and firmware across devices

  • Identify and remediate calling issues such as network connectivity, call quality, and spam calls

This real-time data is essential across your organization. You can identify which calls and engagements are driving leads, where your teams' productivity can be improved, and streamline billing if your firm charges by the hour. PowerBI will pull this information and present it in myriad ways, allowing your business leaders to make well-informed decisions. 
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