Case Study: When Private Cloud Falls Flat

Since 1889, the Greater Boston Real Estate Board (GBREB), America's oldest real estate trade organization, has created a robust group with partners who specialize in commercial and residential development, management, and transactions. Unfortunately, the years have not been as kind to GBREB's IT infrastructure. Their aging equipment was holding them back and preventing the appropriate modern innovation. So, they reached out to iCorps, ready to embrace new technology.

Finding New Technology at iCorps

The Greater Boston Real Estate Board

The Greater Boston Real Estate Board signed on as an iCorps Encompass Program client with benefits including maintenance from mid-level consultants, IT monitoring of all systems and servers, IT leadership from a senior consultant, and procurement and account management. After doing so, the Real Estate Board began their digital transformation, migrating from a private cloud provider to Microsoft Azure.


As a 501c member-based organization, the GBREB needed an IT strategy that afforded predictable spend, scalable resources, and seamless collaboration with involved parties. Through the layered implementation of Microsoft's Office 365 suite, the Greater Boston Real Estate Board is poised for befitting enterprise growth, now and in the future. Their users benefit from streamlined communication tools, on endpoints that have been modernized and secured to meet their needs.

TIP: Security risks are evolving all the time. Find out why real estate is a growing target.

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