[WEBINAR] How Companies Meet Compliance Standards with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams makes it easy for your employees to stay connected and share content. But just how secure is the platform? For companies facing strict compliance frameworks, headlines about "Zoombombing" and poor encryption do little to assuage cybersecurity concerns. But Teams was built differently - on Microsoft's enterprise cloud, with restrictive compliance policies as its baseline. In this webinar Jeffery Lauria, iCorps Vice President of Technologies, explores Teams' robust security features.

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Webinar Highlights: Securing Your Business Data in Teams

Microsoft Teams makes it easy to integrate with vetted employee lists. Administrators can pull existing groups within Office 365 into Teams, with access based on department, seniority, and project support. Teams makes it easy to set permissions at the Teams' site, channel, and resource levels - minimizing exposure, while still allowing for collaboration with outside parties. Teams also supports strict compliance requirements for data storage. The platform stores information in a number of places, depending on the content type:

  • All written messages are stored in your mailbox

  • Images are housed in Azure's blob storage

  • Files are saved in SharePoint or OneDrive

  • Voicemails are recorded in Exchange

For additional assistance with compliance, your Microsoft 365 system administrator can perform a compliance search, and assess performance in data governance, threat management, and overall secure score

Secure Your Employees Within Microsoft Teams

Teams makes it easy to implement other security tools, such as multi-factor authentication and single-sign-on. Layering MFA and identity management will improve your security posture without sacrificing the functionality that Teams' users prioritize. For more information about optimizing your Teams experience, please reach out to iCorps for a free consultation

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