Are You Winging it with BYOD? Formalize Your Policy ASAP

We have officially become a society of connected workers. Pew Research indicates that 95% of mid-career employees in the U.S. own smartphones. Three out of four adults have laptops, and tablet usership isn't far behind. BYOD environments have become so common, 67% of employees use a personal device for work. Research indicates that BYOD-carrying employees work on average, an extra six weeks per year, with an estimated value of over $5,000. 

Here's What You Need to Know About BYOD

Bring Your Own Devices

These statistics make a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) culture not just feasible for employers, but a smart idea for businesses looking to lower their overhead. The trick to feeling confident and not concerned about BYOD is for leaders to take charge of the situation instead of allowing it to just happen with strategic security tools. 

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Engage Employees in Security Best Practices

The success of your BYOD environment largely hinges upon your employees. Keep your employees informed with contextual and relevant information, shared over a company intranet or chat platform. When possible, provide secure company-owned devices, while deploying secure solutions on personal ones. It is also important during this time to implement security best practices, such as:

  • Layered MFA and identity management

  • Endpoint management solutions such as InTune

  • Verify suspicious emails, and avoiding links or attachments  

  • Isolate personal computers from company networks via virtual workstations


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